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Колесный болт-Европейская серия

Wheel bolt for various commercial vehicle

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Cold/Hot forming  wheel  bolt for various commercial vehicle


      Baostep has more than 100 multi-function cold heading equipment, with the largest and longest dimension forming ability; precision machining equipment to meet the requirements of secondary processing; while versatile high-frequency heat treatment provided for the stability of the products. Variety of Products and monthly capacity of 3000tons meet most of the requirements of the guest.


Q1: Why choose us?

A:  a.More than 10 years professional team in auto fastener industrial.

      b.Value for money, high quality and competive price.

      c.Fast delivery.

      d.Baostep-a strong brand, deliveries in over 60 countries

      e.Freely offer LCL service.Save time and money.

Q2: What`s your auto fastener guarantee ?

A: Strictly complying with quality management systems of ISO9001/TS16949.     

    If you have any problems concerning quality, we will offer you a refund or a replacement. Q3:How many quantities about packaging for each item?

A: Without quantity limitation for inventory goods; more than 3000pcs/item for customization order.

Q4: How long is the date of delivery?

A: For inventory goods, we will deliver within 2 working days. For customization order,30-60days.

Q5:What is the technology difference between “Baostep wheel bolt” to “Ordinary wheel bolt”?

Different viewpoint  Baostep wheel bolt Ordinary wheel bolt 
 Machine  full automatic machine  manual
 Metallography  good  so-so
 Material  ML40Cr  ASTM5140Cr
 Rockwell Hardness  HRC36o-39o HRC33o-38o
 Tensile Strengh  1180N/mm2 1110N/mm2
 Decarburized Layer  nonexistence  more or less existence
 Surface  very smooth  slight rough
 Quality  very stable  not stable
 Application Life  Long life in abnormal condition  normal condition

Material: ASTM5140(40Cr);ML40Cr

HRC: 36°-39°

Tensile strength: 1180N/mm2

Surface Treatment:Phosphated;Galvanized;Black Oxide;Dacromet

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